Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Gateway and what kind of services do you provide?

A: Gateway is a private non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation agency committed to building better communities by taking action against drug addiction. Our wide range of services includes detoxification, residential, and outpatient treatment programs for adults, adolescents, women with children, transitional recovery housing and more.

Q: Where is Gateway located?

A: Our administrative offices and primary location for adult services is located off Interstate 10 at 555 Stockton Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204.

Q: What is the first step on the road to recovery?

A: Recognizing you have a problem and seeking help for it. Listen to others. If those around you are telling you that you need help, don’t wait until you get a DUI, commit a crime, or lose your job before seeking help. The first step is asking for help.

Q: How much will treatment cost?

A: It depends on the types of services you require and the length of time you require them. Your treatment plan will be determined following your assessment and our customer service representative will go over your plan and the fees.

Q: Do I need insurance to receive treatment from Gateway?

A: Not necessarily. Gateway accepts cash, credit cards, and some insurance plans. All of our services are provided on a sliding fee scale. Some insurance companies have co-pays, which must be paid at the time service is rendered. Private pay for services enables you to benefit from our treatment programs immediately.

Q: What if I am deaf or hard-of-hearing?

A: In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, appropriate auxiliary aids and services are provided at no cost to deaf and hard-of-hearing clients and companions. Persons needing special accommodations to participate in any meeting/hearing should contact Michael Bennet  (904) 387-4661 Ext. 1059 or email [email protected]  for assistance.

Q: How do I file a file a complaint, suggestion, or a praise report?

A complaint, suggestion, or praise report may be filed by any person who has sought services from Gateway, by any patient or their significant other, or by any family member. Filing a suggestion or complaint will never result in retaliation or a barrier to receiving services from Gateway. Complaints, suggestions, and praise reports can be filed by emailing: [email protected] or by calling 904-387-4661 x8999. Complaints can also be filed with Gateway’s managing entity, Lutheran Services of Florida (LSF) at (877) 229-9098.

Q: How does Gateway protect patient privacy?

Review Gateway’s Privacy Practices.